Product development management:

The R&D department of the company strictly follows the new product development process and regresses the product project. Now it covers the OEM package in the form of TO220AB, TO247, etc. In the product development process, the product design and development are carried out according to the requirements of ISO9000 and TS16949. JEDEC and US military standards and other industry standards to develop product performance testing and reliability verification standards.

Laboratory introduction and reliability:

The company's laboratory is a national-level laboratory with 13 reliability test capabilities within the industry standard. It can provide customers with reliability verification of products. Test equipment includes: push-pull force detection, X-RAY, 3D measuring instrument, plating thickness measurement. Instrument, X-ray machine, high and low temperature Unreal TCT, constant temperature and humidity THT, high pressure cooking PCT, high temperature storage HTCT, steam aging, ultrasonic scanning, STATEC testing machine and other experimental equipment. And the laboratory has a professional experimental staff, can provide customers with static testing, application-side dynamic testing and other projects, and can provide corresponding reliability test reports.

Reliability test project:

01:High temperature reverse bias test                02:High temperature cooking experiment               03:High temperature storage experiment               04Cryo storage experiment               05:Temperature cycling experiment
06:Temperature shock test                        07:Resistance to soldering heat test               08:Steam aging experiment               09:Solderability test               10:Constant temperature and humidity experiment
11:Salt spray experiment                                12:Temperature and humidity bias test       13:Accelerated THB experiment