Quality concept:

"We always put quality first."
This is the foundation of HKZ product manufacturing.

HKZ creates the basic factor of quality - 4 M.

ie Man, Machine, Material, and Method,
HKZ as a whole strives to maintain the highest level anywhere and at any time.

Moreover, we regard quality first as the guideline for all actions.
Understanding quality in a broad sense, it is not just the performance of the product itself,
Cost, delivery, service, and environment are also qualities.

In other words, quality is an indicator of user satisfaction.
Quality first is not a goal that can only be achieved by the quality assurance department.
New product development, production system development, raw material procurement,
And the entire manufacturing process must be carefully watched;
Moreover, it is led by the sales department until the entire staff of each management department,
Every day, we must work hard to defend the "quality first" business goals.