• SiC field effect transistor

    Silicon Carbide Diode

    IGBT power tube

  • Diode

    Schottky diodes

    Ultrafast Recovery Diode

    Rectifier Diode

    Bridge Rectifier

    Switching Diode

    Band Switching Diode

    Zener Diode

    ESD protection diodes and arrays

    Transient Voltage Suppressor

    PIN diode

    Avalanche Diode

    Varactor diode

  • SCR

    One-way thyristor

    Two-way thyristor

  • Transistor

    General Purpose Transistors

    High Voltage Transistors

    High Frequency Transistors

    Digital Transistors

    Darlington Transistors

    Composite transistor

  • FET

    Super Junction Power MOS

    High Voltage Power MOS

    Medium and low voltage power MOS

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